Brahmi Eau de fraicheur (100 ml)

Rare and Exquisite 100% Natural

Morning Sun Rises Over an Orange Grove in Bloom—The freshness of Italian Bitter Orange enhanced by the rich, luxurious sweetness of Tuberose with a soft, soothing touch of FrankincenseForever young. 100 ml spray bottle boxed with Kalash card in four languages.

Organic Certification by NATRUE

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Eco Control and Natrue certified organic cosmetics.

100 ml spray bottle boxed with Kalash card in four languages.

Die Morgensonne erwacht über einem blühenden OrangenhainDie Frische italienischer Bitter-Orangen angereichert mit der luxuriösen Süße von Tuberose, mit
einem sanften Hauch von Weihrauchein Jungbrunnen. 100 ml Sprühflasche zusammen verpackt mit einer Kalash Karte in vier Sprachen.

Le soleil levant sur une orangeraie en fleursLa fraîcheur de l’orange amère italienne rehaussée de la douceur riche et élégante de la tubéreuse et d’une touche légère et apaisante d’encens, pour une éternelle jeunesse. Vaporisateur 100 ml dans une boite avec la carte Kalash en quatre langues.

El sol sale por la mañana sobre un naranjal en florLa frescura de la naranja amarga italiana realzada por el rico y lujoso dulzor de la tuberosa, con un suave toque
balsámico de olíbano: siempre joven. Vaporizador 100 ml en una caja con la tarjeta  Kalash en cuatro idiomas.

Alba, cosparsa di aranci in fioreLa freschezza dell’Arancia Amara italiana, unita con la ricchezza e la lussuosa dolcezza di Tuberose, con un tocco leggerissimo in Incenso sempre giovane. Spray 100 ml in una scatola con la mappa Kalash in quattro lingue

Aromas, natural fragrances, according to Ayur-Veda, the ancient Science of Life, brings Saubhagya—good luck; Kanti—beauty;
Balam—strength, as well as happiness and bliss. Vedic Aroma fragrances and cosmetics—it’s a feeling of living in Heaven.

Additional information

Volume 100 ml
Additional note

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight; Always close the cap, when not in use, to avoid evaporation. Keep out of the reach of children; All caps are child-proof.

Vedic Aroma fragrances , made with 100% pure floral essences, naturally have a healthy influence on mind and body and create a feeling of well-being.These fragrances do not contain any substances such as phthalates, parabens, or petroleum which are used by the perfume industry in making chemical based perfumes last longer.

Natural perfumes, made without any synthetics, usually maintain their fragrance between 2-6 hours
depending on the body chemistry and skin type.

These natural Perfumes are a refreshing combination of essential oils of plants and natural resins.
The top notes, heart notes , and base notes of essential oils unfold harmoniously , unfolding the full fragrance.


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