Anandamayi (8 ml)

Pure and Natural Perfume

Capture the Unsurpassed Feminine Quality —The exquisite, floral essences of Jasmine and finest Damask Rose enhanced by the sweetness of Tonka and Vanilla beans – these together capture the unsurpassed feminine quality. 8 ml spray bottle boxed with Kalash card in four languages.

Organic Certification—Quality Control

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Eco Control and Natrue certified organic cosmetics.

8 ml spray bottle boxed with Kalash card in four languages.

Fangen unübertroffen femininen Charakter ein—Erlesene Blütenessenzen von Jasmin und feinster Damaszener Rose, verfeinert mit der Süße von Tonka- und Vanille – fangen unübertroffen femininen Charakter ein.

Capturer l’âme d’une féminité inégalable—Les exquises essences florales du jasmin et de la délicate rose de Damas, soulignées par la douceur de la fève de tonka et la gousse de vanille pour capturer l’âme d’une féminité inégalable.

Capturan la cualidad femenina inigualable—Las exquisitas esencias florales del jazmín y la rosa fina de damasco realzan la dulzura del haba tonka y la vainilla en rama y juntas capturan la cualidad femenina inigualable.

Additional information

Volume 9 ml
Additional note Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight; Always close the cap, when not in use, to avoid evaporation. Keep out of the reach of children; All caps are child-proof.


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