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General terms and conditions

Table of contents:

§ 1 Scope § 9 Performance of the contract
§ 2 Choice of product § 10 Payment
§ 3 Cancellation rights of consumers § 11 Conformity
§ 4 Exclusion of cancellation rights § 12 Complaints / customer service, further information
§ 5 Standard cancellation form § 13 Liability
§ 6 Return of product § 14 Force majeure
§ 7 Price, payment conditions and shipping costs § 15 Privacy policy
§ 8 Entering into the contract § 16 Applicable law, language

§ 1  Scope

(1) These General Conditions have been drafted in English. Website users may save them to their computer’s hard drive or print them out. A digital or hard copy may also be requested via e-mail ( Maharishi Vedic Organics Europe Sagl (‘the Seller’) has a homepage for commercial purposes on the domains (‘the Website’). The Seller uses a webshop on the Website to offer its products for sale to consumers. The Seller also offers its products for sale through its paper catalogue.(3) These General Conditions apply to and form part of any contract between the Seller and a consumer. (4) These General Conditions do not apply to contracts with commercial resellers. Such resellers may request the catalogue and accompanying conditions applicable to them from the Seller.

§ 2  Choice of product

(1) The consumer may use the webshop to select and order products.(2) The consumer can use the Website to see descriptions of all products shown.(3) In order to complete a purchase the consumer is obliged to provide his name and address, either one-off or through a registered account.(4) By clicking on the selected products on the Website, the consumer can add them to a virtual shopping basket. The content of this shopping basket, including pricing, costs of shipping and turnover tax details, will be displayed at the end of the shopping session.(5) The Seller thus enables the consumer to verify whether the order is correct in terms of price and quantity and to change it if necessary before it is placed.(6) By clicking on the button “Place Order” in the webshop the consumer sends an offer to the Seller, which includes an obligation to make payment by the consumer to the Seller. Shortly thereafter the consumer shall receive a confirmation of receipt from the Seller by e-mail. Upon processing of the order the consumer shall receive an order confirmation from the Seller.

§ 3  Cancellation rights of consumers

A consumer (a natural person not acting in the course of a business or profession) may cancel a remote contract under the following conditions:


Cancellation rights

A consumer is entitled to cancel a purchase contract within fourteen days without the need to give a reason. This fourteen-day term commences at the moment that the consumer, or a third party designated by the consumer (other than the shipper), is in receipt of the product. If the consumer has purchased several products as part of a single order, the said term will commence at the moment that the consumer, or a third party designated by the consumer (other than the shipper), is in receipt of all of the products ordered. To exercise such cancellation rights, the consumer must send written notice of cancellation by registered post or e-mail, to the Seller (Maharishi Vedic Organics Europe Sagl c/o B-Logic Supply Chain Solutions B.V. De Corantijn 19 1689 AN Zwaag Netherlands Tel.: +41 (0)22 534 98 60, E-Mail: The consumer may use the attached standard form for this purpose. Use of the form is not obligatory, however. Cancellation is in time if the consumer has sent the notice of cancellation within the said term.

Consequences of cancellationIn the event of cancellation of a purchase contract, the Seller will repay to the consumer all payments received, including postage costs paid (excluding the extra costs arising from the consumer’s choice of method of delivery other than the standard delivery offered by the Seller) within a term of fourteen days of receipt of the consumer’s notice of cancellation.

Repayment is made in the same currency and in the same way as payment was made by the consumer, unless the parties agree differently. No payment costs will be charged to the consumer. The Seller is entitled to suspend its repayment obligation until the products have been returned or the consumer has supplied it with proof of dispatch, whichever is earlier.

The consumer must return the products to the Seller without delay, and in any event within fourteen days of sending the notice of cancellation. Products have been returned in good time if the consumer has sent them within the said term. The cost of returning the products is payable by the consumer. The consumer is only liable for a product’s depreciation if his use of it has exceeded that required to ascertain its nature, characteristics and operation.

End of conditions concerning cancellation rights

§ 4  Exclusion of cancellation rights

consumer has no right to cancel a purchase contract for the supply of:- custom-made products or products that are clearly meant for a specific person;- perishable products or products with a limited remaining shelf life;- products that are unsuitable for returning for reasons of public health or hygiene because their seals have been broken;- products that, due to their nature, have been inseparably mixed with other things after delivery;- audio and video recordings and computer software whose sealing has been broken after delivery;- newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of a contract for the regular delivery of such publications;- and digital content not supplied on a physical data carrier, insofar as compliance has begun with the express prior consent of the consumer, and the consumer has indicated that he thereby waives his cancellation rights.

§ 5  Standard cancellation form

A consumer wishing to cancel a contract may use the following standard cancellation form. Use of the form is not obligatory, however.


Maharishi Vedic Organics Europe Sagl c/o B-Logic Supply Chain Solutions B.V. De Corantijn 19 1689 AN Zwaag Netherlands

Tel. + 41 (0)22 534 98 60

– I hereby cancel the contract for the purchase of the following products / the supply of the following services


– Ordered on (*)/ received on (*): __________________________________

– Consumer’s name: ____________________________________

– Consumer’s address: __________________________________

– Consumer’s signature: __________________________________

– Date: _______________________________________________

§ 6 Return of product

Products may be returned to:

Maharishi Vedic Organics Europe Sagl c/o B-Logic Supply Chain Solutions B.V. De Corantijn 19 1689 AN Zwaag Netherlands

Tel. + 41 (0)22 534 98 60

Further details concerning the return of products are set out on a return form attached to one of the delivered products. The consumer is free to choose its shipping agent.

§ 7  Price, payment conditions and shipping costs

(1) The applicable price is stated on the Website at the time the order is placed. (2) The price stated is inclusive of turnover tax and exclusive of shipping and administration costs.(3) The applicable shipping costs are calculated and stated in the overview on the Website and can be consulted via the link ‘Shipping costs’. The definitive shipping and administration costs are also displayed before the order is placed.(4) The purchase price is payable without any deduction within eight days of the invoice date.

§ 8  Entering into the contract

(1) The fact that the products are shown in the webshop is non-binding and does not constitute a binding offer by the Seller to the consumer. The Seller is under no obligation to deliver a product that is out of stock. By clicking on the button “Place Order” in the webshop the consumer sends an offer to the Seller, which includes an obligation to make payment by the consumer to the Seller.(2) A binding contract arises between the Seller and the consumer when the Seller confirms the consumer’s order by e-mail. The consumer shall receive an invoice which includes all relevant terms and conditions as well as a clause which applies these general terms and conditions to the agreement. If the consumer has registered an account with the Seller the agreement will be stored under the header “My orders”. If the consumer has not registered an account the agreement will not be stored by the Seller in a manner accessible for the consumer.

§ 9  Performance of the contract

(1) After completing the ordering process, the consumer receives a binding confirmation of his order and a binding confirmation of the Seller’s acknowledgement thereof. (2) The delivery term is three to ten days, unless a different delivery term is set out for the respective product in the webshop. The delivery term commences on the day following the day on which the payment instruction is sent to the paying bank. In the case of a different method of payment, the delivery term commences on the day following that on which the contract becomes binding.If the delivery term ends on a Saturday, Sunday or generally recognised holiday, it is extended until the next business day.If not all ordered products are in stock, the Seller is entitled to make partial deliveries at its own expense.

§ 10  Payment

(1) The Seller will make an invoice for the ordered product, which will be handed to the consumer upon delivery. The Seller delivers the product in exchange for payment via PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and any other payment method allowed by the ordering process.(2) The amounts stated on the invoice are end-user prices including turnover tax, which is listed separately.

§ 11  Conformity

The delivered product must meet the conditions of the contract with the consumer, and must have the characteristics the consumer is reasonably entitled to expect, having regard to the contract, the nature of the product as well as information provided by the Seller. The consumer is entitled to expect that the product has the properties necessary for its normal use, the presence of which properties he had no reason to doubt, and the properties necessary for any special use of the product contemplated by the contract.

§ 12  Complaints / customer service, further information

The Seller’s customer service is available to handle questions and complaints about the products offered. The customer service can be reached by e-mail at The consumer’s reliance on the guarantee is not limited by the handling of any complaint.

Deliveries by the Seller are not effected on the basis of specific codes of conduct, unless the Seller expressly states that such codes apply.

§ 13  Liability

The statutory rules for product liability apply to the products sold by the Seller. The liability of the Seller is otherwise limited to direct loss resulting from any deliberate act or gross negligence on the part of the Seller. In such a case, the Seller is not liable for indirect or consequential loss.

§ 14  Force majeure

(1) The Seller is entitled to suspend performance of its obligations during a period of force majeure (natural disasters, strikes, government action, etc.), for as long as such a situation continues.(2) If the period of force majeure exceeds one month, the consumer is entitled to terminate the contract.

§ 15  Privacy policy

We are happy that you have shown an interest in using this website. We attach great importance to protecting your privacy. The statement provided at Privacy policy explains the way in which we handle your personal data.

§ 16  Applicable law, language

Contracts between the Seller and the consumer are governed by Swiss law. The contract between the Seller and the consumer is drafted in the English language.

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